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Oki [hello] and welcome to the Personal Page of Jethro E. Smith, part Blackfoot Native American Indian and Dutch.

Jethro Smith is both a Christian and a respected Blackfoot. No modern term can adequately describe the spiritual depth and communal roles of the Blackfoot People, but the values of Truth and Honor are examples of universally recognized values.

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Jethro Smith Native American BlackfootJethro Smith Native American Blackfoot

Honor the Creator - Honor the Creation

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  • In all areas of life, do unto others as you would have others do unto you.


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Jethro was born with the ability to see energy and the aura surrounding a person. Energy such as the electrical coronal discharge can be viewed today through modern technology such as electrophotography.

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Jethro E. Smith is an ordained reverend, certified reiki master, and is certified and registered in The United States National Register of Tested, Certified and Bona Fide Lightworkers, Psychics and Mediums and The World's Best and Most Trusted Psychics, Mediums and Healers.

Jethro is the proud father and grandfather of two sons and two grandsons. His hobbies include nature, cooking, crafts, music/dance, shopping for the grandkids, and metaphysical studies.

Interview Excerpts

"Why Should We Trust Psychics?"
January 2, 2014 /

I would have to say that one should not "trust psychics," one should trust rather the guidance in accordance with one's inner conscious. As a person who was "born with the gift" which heightened greatly after an experience around the age of five and a drowning experience where I was resuscitated at age eight, it is my belief that every person has "psychic ability" or "intuitive ability." This ability becomes "heightened" or develops more strongly with various life events, traumas, training, development and for many other reasons which we do not yet understand.

After my near-death-experience, to my surprise I could see and hear deceased persons who had crossed-over, and I could speak with "spirits on the other side" as well, who I referred to as angels.  As a youngster, I noticed that only some of my peers could simultaneously hear and see some of what I was experiencing. In particular, for example, a handicapped young boy in kindergarten was also able to communicate; he seemed (to me) to have developed stronger metaphysical gifts to perhaps compensate for the physical handicap. Later, when the handicap lessened thanks to medical science, his metaphysical gift noticeably decreased. 

Later, I was trained by several metaphysical masters to enable me to understand and to develop aspects of my gift(s), sparing me much struggle and turmoil of "abilities and situations" I could not possibly have understood at such a young age. From this, it was clear to me that everyone is "psychic" at some level.  I learned beyond a doubt that this ability can be either heightened or suppressed.

Just as each person is responsible for their individual life choices, so is each person responsible for how they seek information along the path of their life's journey:  whether via books, universities, parents, or spiritual outlets such as church or counselors, or via the unique insight of a person such as a psychic or intuitive who can communicate with the spirit world, communicate with one's ancestors, and/or see "flashes" of significant events from the past or from the future. 

Foresight becomes the gift of hindsight when one is enabled with a bit of foresight to adjust their choices, decisions, and emotions, especially during stressful times and times of great change. 

Perhaps it is ironic that as an intuitive person familiar with using the sixth sense and as host of a talk-radio show called "Psychics Gone Wild," I would express any caveat of "trusting a psychic." However, it is very clear to any professional psychic/intuitive/empath/medium who has developed their sixth sense that there are many, many metaphysical gifts and levels of skill - hearing, seeing, feeling - not to mention interpreting what the spirit world portrays to the channel as a symbol or perhaps simply as a sound or a song. Further, because this is a spiritual topic, one must always ensure that the psychic and the spirit is "in the light" and in accordance with one's spiritual beliefs.  

As a light worker, I feel that the assistance of a gifted light worker can be an enormous blessing in helping other people. I strongly encourage even my own clients, however, and especially my students to make their own life choices - do not try to abdicate the responsibility to another by "trusting" anyone to make those determinations for you. The assistance of a gifted light worker / psychic can be invaluable....and so can developing one's own "psychic" skill.

Do you communicate with particular spirits or entities? Do you know who they are...names for instance? And are these spirits, angels, deceased people or something else?

Yes, I do speak with the spirits, as in I speak with my guides, one of whom is my grandfather.  Since his passing, he has become my spiritual guide and before him, a Native American guide who I have called "Chief" since early childhood. In my experience, I have found that many people are guided at some level of their consciousness by loved ones who have crossed over. Sometimes a client will "feel" the presence of a loved one, and it is a moving experience to provide validation of their presence and a confirmation of the ongoing love/connection between them as I relay the message of the deceased, as would a translator.

Do you prepare for your psychic reading, or is it a spontaneous process?  In other words, are you always ready to read for clients?

There are times when the guides spontaneously request that you read for someone.  However, as a principle, one must absolutely prepare in advance, and there are times when one should postpone a scheduled reading for a client, for example, a back-to-back reading where mediumship is involved is a clear example of a time to take time before the next client in order to "clear the energy." 

Jethro E. Smith

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