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One Hour Office Session $125

For corporate groups, home parties, spiritual cleansings, house cleansings and special services, call 928-284-0437. Payment is required in advance to reserve dates for all appearances, home, parties, and business events.

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How to Get the Most from Your Consultation

•Recognize that Jethro simultaneously listens and transfers information to you as it is relayed to him. Frequently there is more than one guide, loved one, totem, angel, or ancestor providing a message all at the same time - much like a reunion of loved ones where everyone has much to share.

•Listen and interject during pauses or before/after the message is relayed.  Freely ask questions, but know that if you interrupt during a sentence, you could be "breaking the energy" between the spiritual message and the intermediator.

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Jethro E Smith
Reverend / Certified Reiki Master
Certified Psychic / Intuitive / Certified Tarot Reader

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