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What if your natural gifts were heightened to a level beyond your imagination?

Part Native American Indian, Jethro Smith survived more than one near death experience, and at the age of eight his gift became public.  

"What good is seeing the future if you cannot change the future?"
This question led Jethro to suppress his gift but ultimately to use his gift to empower others to choose wisely and to "walk in the light." Foresight enables a person to adjust choices, decisions, and emotions, especially during stressful times and times of great change.

General Reading:  Numbers, symbols, and archetypes are tools used throughout the ages, and Jethro supplements these tools with his gift of naturally seeing the energies of your aura and the positive and negative energies affecting your energy field.  Did you know that negative intent can "stick" to your aura in sound and texture as well as loving, positive intent and blessings?

Full Reading:  Jethro can see, hear, feel, communicate with, and receive information from angels, guides, and ancestors. Working only in the realm of "light energies," Jethro prepares through protective prayer and meditation before opening and expending energy for a full, spiritual consultation involving missing persons, criminal investigation, loved ones on the other side, and in depth future consultations.  

Tips:  Receiving the Most from Your Consultation

•Listen and Be Silent!  Ask specific questions, but know that each time you interrupt the speaker or interject, you are "breaking the energy" and the moment is lost.

Recognize that Jethro simultaneously listens and transfers information to you as it is relayed to him. Frequently there is more than one guide, loved one, totem, angel, or ancestor providing a message - all at the same time - much like a reunion of loved ones where everyone has much to share.  

After learning that suppressing his gift was not the answer, Jethro Smith dedicated his life to serving others with his amazing ability to see energies surrounding an individual and to see, hear, and feel the metaphysical world around us.

Certified Washington DC Intuitive Jethro SmithJethro Smith Certified Psychic Intuitive Washington DC Tarot

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